Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fan Bingbing heads the list of China’s Young, Rich and Famous

The Chinese entertainment web portal,, has calculated the 2010 earnings of entertainment stars under the age of 30. It then came up with a top 10 of Young Rich and Famous Chinese Celebrities (English translation at this Asian Fanatics post). The list is dominated by singers, who filled eight of the ten places. Five of the celebrities are Taiwanese, three are from mainland China, and just two are from Hong Kong – another symptom perhaps of the current poor health of the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Eight of the ten are women.

At the top of the list by a clear margin is mainland actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰 - pictured above right), with an estimated income in 2010 of 62.5 million yuan (US$9.5 million). Although as an actress she is in demand as a box office drawcard, and she endorses a string of products, her earnings would also have been helped by her business dealings. The 29 year old has built a reputation as a wily businesswoman through her involvement in her own production company.

The three singers that make up Taiwanese girl group S.H.E occupy positions 2, 3 and 5 on the list. At number 2 is Selina Jen (任家萱, pinyin: Rèn Jiāxuān) with earnings of 43.5 million yuan (US$6.6 million) in 2010, in what was otherwise an annus horribilis for her. In October she suffered shocking injuries in an on-set accident while filming a new movie, I Have a Date with Spring. Three months later the 29 year old still remains in hospital with third-degree burns to over 50 percent of her body and her career in limbo.

The other two members of the group, Hebe Tien (田馥甄, pinyin: Tián Fūzhēn) and Ella Chen (陈嘉桦, pinyin: Chén Jiāhuà), earned 41 million yuan and 36 million yuan respectively. At number 4 is mainland singer Jane Zhang (张靓颖 Zhang Liangying), a former runner-up in the Chinese version of American Idol, Super Girls. In 2010 she earned 38 million yuan.

The highest ranked Hong Kong celebrity is Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍, pinyin - Cài Zhuóyán), one half of the singing duo Twins. The rankings probably underestimated her income as it doesn’t include earnings from her recordings. Almost half her 35.5 million yuan was earned through endorsements, with film earnings providing almost a third and the rest from concert ticket sales. Pop star Rainie Yang (杨丞琳, pinyin: Yáng Chénglín), Taiwan’s unofficial “Cute Princess” and official “Queen of Endorsements”, was ranked number 7.

Hong Kong-based singer Khalil Fong (方大同, pinyin: Fāng Dàtóng ) was the highest ranked male celebrity on the list at number 8. The Hawaiian-born R&B singer earned 26.85 million yuan in 2010. Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾 pinyin: Xiāo Jìngténg), at just 23 years old was the youngest in the top ten. Another graduate from a TV talent show, Taiwan’s One Million Star, the rising idol earned 26.85 million yuan in 2010. Rounding off the top ten is mainland actor Sun Li (孙俪), best-known for her television roles.

1. Fan Bingbing - 29yo Mainland actress - 62.5 million yuan (US$9.5 million)
2. Selina Jen - 29yo Taiwan singer - 43.5 million yuan (US$6.6 million)
3. Hebe Tien - 27 yo Taiwan singer - 41 million yuan (US$6.2 million)
4. Jane Zhang - 26yo Mainland singer - 38 million yuan (US$5.75 million)
5. Ella Chen - 29yo Taiwan singer - 36 million yuan (US$5.45 million)
6. Charlene Choi - 28yo Hong Kong singer - 35.5 million yuan (US$5.35 million)
7. Rainie Yang - 26yo Taiwan singer - 29.4 million yuan (US$4.45 million)
8. Khalil Fong - 27yo Hong Kong singer - 28.8 million yuan (US$4.35 million)
9. Jam Hsiao - 23yo Taiwan singer - 26.85 million yuan (US4.05 million)
10. Sun Li - 28yo Mainland actress - 26 million ($US3.9 million)

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