Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eight is Lucky for Wilber Pan

American-born singer and rapper Wilber Pan (潘玮柏, pinyin: Pān Wěibó) is the new number one position holder on Taiwan's G Music Album charts with his latest release, 808. It's his eighth studio album, and the number eight also holds special significance for him as he was born in August 1980. With over 26 percent of sales in the first week of its release, 808 was a clear number one for the week 14 to 20 January. According to Pan's record company Universal, the album holds the top spot on eight charts - there's that number 8 again.

First single from the album is called Most Wanted (全面通緝) which with its heavy use of synthesisers has a vaguely retro 80s feel to it. A second single has also been released, a slower tempo dance number called U U U. The album also contains We Are All Afraid of Pain (我们都怕痛), a standard Mandopop ballad. We Are All Afraid of Pain is the theme song from the TV drama Eternally Yours in which Pan co-stars with Sandrine Pinna.

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