Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rosy Business Sweeps Ming Pao Awards

The 41st Ming Pao Awards, organised by the Hong Kong weekly magazine of the same name, were held last week. TVB's hit costume drama series from earlier this year, Rosy Business (巾幗梟雄), was the biggest winner, taking home awards in all four categories of the TV division. Sheren Tang (邓萃雯, pinyin: Dèng Cuìwén) was awarded Most Outstanding Female Artiste, while co-star Wayne Lai (黎耀祥: Li Yao Xiang) won Most Outstanding Male Artiste. Not surprisingly, the show won Most Outstanding Television Programme - especially with the absence of Beyond the Realm of Conscience amongst the nominations - and the Rosy Business writers were recognised with the Most Outstanding Behind the Scenes Experts award.

The Ming Pao Awards also present awards in the music and film categories. Eason Chan (陈奕迅, pinyin: Chén Yixùn - pictured right) was the most successful in the music awards, taking out four awards in total. He won Most Outstanding Male Singer and Most Outstanding Album for H3M. He and his production team also took out the Most Outstanding Behind the Scenes Experts award for H3M. Eason Chan was also given a special award, Ming Pao's Ten Year Highest Honour Award. Most Outstanding Female Singer went to Joey Yung (容祖儿, pinyin: Róng Zǔér)

The four film awards were spread evenly across five different films this year. Most Outstanding Movie was the thriller Overheard (窃听风云), beating out a strong field of nominations including Ip Man and Shinjuku Incident. Nick Cheung (张家辉, pinyin: Zhāng Jiāhuì)) won the Most Outstanding Male Artiste award for his performance in Beast Stalker, following up on his earlier Best Actor at this year's Hong Kong Film Awards. The Most Outstanding Female Artiste award was shared by Karena Lam (林嘉欣, pinyin: Lín Jiāxīn) for Claustrophobia and Prudence Liew (刘美君, pinyin: Liú Měijūn) in True Women for Sale. Director Derek Yee (尔冬升) won Most Outstanding Behind the Scenes Expert award for Shinjuku Incident.

The full list of nominations and winners (in bold) were as follows (thanks to hyn5's TVB blog and her translations of the original Mingpao articles):

Television Category
Most Outstanding Television Programme

Rosy Business
Sunday Report
Hong Kong Gossip
You're Hired

Most Outstanding Male Artiste

Wayne Lai, Rosy Business
Ngo Ka Nin, Rosy Business
Dayo Wong, You're Hired
Lo Hoi Pang, Hong Kong Gossip
Michael Tse, E.U.

Most Outstanding Female Artiste

Sheren Tang, Rosy Business
Sandra Ng, Club Sparkle
Charmaine Sheh, You're Hired
Kathy Chow, E.U.
Susan Tse, Rosy Business

Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Cheung Wah Biu & Chan Ching Yee, Rosy Business, Screenwriters
Chu Geng Kei, Leung Yan Tung & Lee Yee Wah, E.U. Screenwriters
Lee Tim Sing, Rosy Business, Producer
Wong Wai Sing, E.U., Producer
Yip Sing Cheung & Mai Wai Bong, Hong Kong Gossip, Producers

Music Category

Most Outstanding Album

Eason Chan, H3M
Khalil Fong, Timeless
Denise Ho, Ten Days In The Madhouse
Danny Summer, 力量
Juno Mak, 天生地夢

Most Outstanding Male Singer

Eason Chan
Khalil Fong
Hins Cheung & George Lam
Juno Mak

Most Outstanding Female Singer

Joey Yung
Denise Ho
Janie M. Vidal
Kay Tse

Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Eason Chan & 10 others, H3M Producers
Adrian Chow, Lyricist
Chet Lam, Producer
Hanjin, Ho Bing Sun & Denise Ho, Producers
Swing, Producer

Movies Category

Most Outstanding Movie

The Beast Stalker
Shinjuku Incident
Ip Man

Most Outstanding Male Artiste

Nick Cheung, The Beast Stalker
Louis Koo, Overheard
Jackie Chan, Shinjuku Incident
Donnie Yen, Ip Man
Sean Lau, Overheard

Most Outstanding Female Artiste

Karena Lam, Claustrophobia
Prudence Liew, True Women for Sale
Fala Chen, Turning Point
Shu Qi, Look for a Star
Lynn Xiong, Ip Man

Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Derek Yee, Shinjuku Incident, Director
Ivy Ho, Claustrophobia, Screenwriter
Dante Lam, The Beast Stalker, Director
Alan Mak & Felix Chong, Overheard, Directors
Wilson Yip, Ip Man, Director

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