Monday, November 30, 2009

Landy Wen: Dancing Queen of the Album Charts

After a two-year absence, one of Taiwan's pop princesses, Landy Wen (温岚, pinyin: Wēn Lán) is back with a new look (short-cropped red hair) and a new album, Dancing Queen. The album name is a fitting one for a singer unofficially recognised as Taiwan's Queen of Dance Music - though Jolin Tsai would also be a strong challenger for the title.

Dancing Queen is Wen's sixth studio album, and it finally made it to number one on the G Music charts in the fourth week of its release, narrowly outselling last week's number one, Love Moments by Jam Hsiao. As the title suggest, the album has plenty of upbeat numbers, and the first single, D.I.S.C.O, is a cover of a popular Korean dance track by Uhm Jung Wah. In additional there are a couple of tracks that show off Landy Wen's distinctive sultry vocals.

Incidentally her new haircut has a striking resemblance to that donned by A-Mei for her recent album release AMIT (as blogged about here). The two divas share not just similar hairdos and number one selling albums in 2009; both are also from the Atayal ethnic group.

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