Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twins' Charlene releases solo album

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍, pinyin - Cài Zhuóyán), one half of the Hong Kong girl group, Twins, has released a solo album titled Two Missing One (二缺一). The Canadian-born but Hong Kong-raised singer says the album will present a mixture of styles: pop, R&B and ballads.

With Twins seemingly in hiatus as the other member, Gillian Chung, deals with the fall-out of her involvement in "Sexy Photosgate" (see my earlier blog entry), Charlene has been forging ahead with her own solo career. Her acting continues to keep her busy - last year she starred in Kung Fu Dunk with Taiwan superstar Jay Chou, and a modern re-make of the classic Chinese Romeo and Juliet story, The Butterfly Lovers. Although neither were critically acclaimed, they did at least please her less demanding fans. In 2008 she also made her first steps towards a solo singing career with the release of two singles, Little Sister and Make a Wish.

As for Twins, the hugely successful singing duo who have been together for eight years, their future remains in doubt, despite Charlene's claims that they will "definitely" stay together. (Charlene had also said that she wouldn't sing without Gillian, so she's known to change her mind.) Although their record company, EEG, would be understandably reluctant to break up an act that has brought them so much success (and profit), much will be depend on the public's willingness to forgive Gillian Chung for her, ahem, indiscretions.

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