Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Number One on the G Charts

For seven weeks Leehom Wang and Show Luo engaged in a leapfrogging contest for the number one position on Taiwan's G Music album charts. Finally someone else has broken their stranglehold. For the week 20 March to 26 March, Malaysia's Fish Leong (梁静茹 Liang Jingru) has reached the top spot with Fall in Love and Songs (静茹&情歌-别再为他流泪 ). The album, released back in January, had been hovering in the top five for the past couple of months, including two weeks at number one in mid January.

Fish Leong, also known as Jasmine Leong - incidentally in my opinion a nicer name than Fish - is sometimes called "the Queen of Love Songs". Not surprisingly, Fall in Love and Songs has plenty of light and easy-listening love songs to keep fans happy, and also features a duet with fellow Malaysian pop star Gary Chaw. Fall in Love and Songs, Fish Leong's tenth studio album, also marks the tenth anniversary of the 30 year old singer's career in the pop business.

The G Music charts measure weekly album sales in Taiwan.

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