Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now There's a New Naked Chef...Literally

UK TV chef Jamie Oliver first rose to fame with his TV series The Naked Chef in which he, happily, did not appear naked but did preach the virtues of simple cooking. However someone in Hong Kong has taken the Naked Chef concept literally. Jessie Au, producer of Hong Kong's version of Naked News, has come up with an idea for a cooking show with a difference. The TV chef, Flora Cheung (张静思, pinyin: Zhāng Jìngsī), will cook in the nude...well, almost - a transparent cooking apron will protect her from nasty spills.

Watch out for batter splashes!

The show will screen on NOW TV's adult pay TV channel Ice Fire, and will screen twice a month. It's expected to make its debut later this month. The show's creators hope Naked Chef (not officially it's English title, if in fact it has one) will get more male viewers interested in cooking. Although the show's in Cantonese, as hostess Cheung helpfully explained, viewers should still be able to follow what's going on.

Flora Cheung is a 26 year old model with little previous hosting experience and no professional cooking experience. She's probably best known as a former Miss Hong Kong contestant who created a scandal when it was revealed she had taken part in a nude photoshoot.

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