Friday, February 12, 2010

Leehom Wang Wins Big at Beijing Pop Music Awards

The Most Popular Singer winners together (left to right): Zhang Jie, Han Hong, Fish Leong, Leehom Wang

Chinese-American singer Leehom Wang (王力宏, pinyin: Wáng Lìhóng) up until now has been overshadowed by artists like Show Luo and Jam Hsiao when 2009 awards have been given out. However last Friday 5 February at the 2009 Beijing Pop Music Awards organised by Beijing Music Radio, Wang took home four awards, more than any other performer. The versatile R&B/rock/pop singer's trophies were in the Hong Kong and Taiwan categories of Most Popular Male Singer, Artist of the Year, Best Composer and Best Producer. One of his songs, Sun in the Rain, was also among the (dozens of) Golden Melody songs of the year.

Mainland rock musician Wang Feng (汪峰) was another multiple-awards winner, taking home the Album of the Year award for Belief Flies in the Wind, Best Mainland Composer and Best Mainland Producer. Wang Feng, who as well as being one of China's best-known rockers is also an accomplished violinist, has written some classic rock anthems in his sixteen-year career, including Good Night Beijing, Flying Higher and Blooming Life.

Other major winners on the night were former talent show winner Zhang Jie (张杰) for Most Popular Mainland Male Singer, and Malaysian-born Fish Leong (梁静茹, pinyin: Liáng Jìngrú) for Most Popular Hong Kong and Taiwan Female Singer. For Leong February has already been a month to remember - she also just got married at the start of the month. In the Mainland category of Most Popular Female Singer the award went to the singer with the soaring voice and the build of an opera diva, Han Hong (韩红). Hong, returning to the limelight after a short break and dressed for the occasion in her People's Liberation Army uniform, upset the more favoured Li Yuchun (李宇春) and Jane Zhang (张靓颖, pinyin: Zhāng Liàngyǐng) for the award.

Jane Zhang instead won the award for Best Mainland Female Singer, with the Male award going to Shao Baoliang (沙宝亮). In the non-Mainland categories, Hong Kong veteran Coco Lee (李玟, pinyin: Lǐ​ Wén) was named Best Female Singer and perennial awards-winner Eason Chan (陈奕迅, pinyin: Chén Yixùn) won Best Male Singer. Li Yuchun also received some compensation with the award for Mainland Female Artist of the Year. In the non-Mainland category, Hong Kong's singer-actress Karen Mok (莫文蔚, pinyin: Mò Wénwèi) was the winner. As mentioned above, Leeham Wong was named non-Mainland Artist of the Year, and in the Mainland category, it went to actor Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) who in 2009 released his first album.

Taiwan's Mayday (五月天, pinyin: Wǔ Yuè Tiān) were named Best Band, while there were two awards for Best Group: the mainland category was won by Yu Quan (羽泉), while Singapore's 17 year-old twin sisters Miko and Yumi Peh, better known as BY2 won the Hong Kong/Taiwan category.

The Cfensi website has a list of the main award winners, while the full list in Chinese can be found at this 21CN article.

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