Friday, January 8, 2010

Jam Hsiao King of the Singles in 2009

Taiwan radio station Hit FM released its Top 100 Singles of 2009 at the end of the year, and Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾 pinyin: Xiāo Jìngténg) was to the fore. He had five songs in the top twenty-five, including three in the top ten. The 22 year-old also had the highest single among Taiwanese artists, coming in at number 2 with the title track from his album released mid-year, Princess (王妃 - see my earlier post about the album). He was just edged out from the number one position by the superstars of Asian pop, Korean boy band Super Junior and their song Sorry, Sorry.

Two other songs from the Princess album made the top ten - I Don't Know How to Love (我不会愛) was number 4, while A-Fei's Little Butterfly (阿飞的小蝴蝶) came in at number 9. Jam Hsiao had two album releases in 2009. The second - an album of covers - provided two singles in the list. The Jay Chou-composed Rewind (倒带) was placed at number 19 while Endless Love (新不了情), a Wan Fang cover, came in at number 21.

Competing against celebrated international acts from the US, Japan, Korea and the UK, two other Taiwan artists managed to make the top 10. One Million Stars winner Yoga Lin (林宥嘉, pinyin: Lín Yòujīa) was number 5 with Telling Lies (说谎), while Jolin Tsai (蔡依林, pinyin: Cài Yīlín) made it in at number 10 with the title track from Taiwan's biggest selling album in 2009, Butterfly (花蝴蝶). Jolin had two songs in the top 25 - Real Men (大丈夫) also squeezed in at number 25. Another artist to have a good year in 2009 was Taiwan's king of dance music, Show Luo (罗志祥, pinyin: Luó Zhīxián). His duet with Elva Hsiao, Wow, came in at number 23 - its popularity no doubt aided by one of Taiwan's most expensive music videos. Show Luo also had two solo singles in the top 100 - Back Up (撑腰) at number 30, and Joking (搞笑) at number 61. Besides Jam Hsiao he was the only Chinese artist to have more than two singles in the top 100.

The Top 10 singles of the year according to Hit FM were:
1. Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior (Korea)
2. Princess - Jam Hsiao (Taiwan)
3. Poker Face - Lady Gaga (US)
4. I Don't Know How to Love - Jam Hsiao (Taiwan)
5. Telling Lies - Yoga Lin (Taiwan)
6. Love Story - Taylor Swift (US)
7. Love Like This - SS501 (Korea)
8. Come Back to Me - Utada Kikaru (Japan)
9. A-Fei's Little Brother - Jam Hsiao (Taiwan)
10. Butterfly - Jolin Tsai (Taiwan)

The full list of all 100 songs translated into English can be found at this Asian Fanatics post, and the original list is at the Hit FM website here.

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