Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taiwan Rocker Shin Heads the Album Charts

The outspoken rock singer Su Chien Hsin (苏见信) - better known as A Shin (阿信) or simply Shin - had Taiwan's biggest selling album for the week November 26 to December 3 according to the G Music charts. The new album, While I (趁我), is Shin's third album and was recorded in Los Angeles.

Previously lead singer of the Shin Band (信乐团), one of the most popular rock bands in both Taiwan and the Mainland, Shin quit the band in 2007. It was by some reports an acrimonious break-up, Shin leaving his four bandmates high and dry mid-way through recording their fifth album in order to sign a more lucrative contract with another record company. At the time, the Shin Band had a string of classic hits to their name, including their debut single Love Beyond Death, Farewell Song (离歌), Tian Gao Di Hou (天高地厚) and One Night in Beijing. With their main man gone, many people thought the band was finished, but Shin Band simply replaced him with another powerful singer and carried on their success.

Meanwhile Shin and his distinctive falsetto voice continued to belt out the power ballads in his solo career, and While I is in much the same vein. The first single from the ten-track album is Take Advantage of Me.

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