Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"You're Hired" Recruits Large Audience Numbers

You're Hired (絕代商嬌) - no, not a Hong Kong version of The Apprentice but TVB's new comedy-drama series - rated consistently well in its short four-week season. The final week in particular drew in big audiences, averaging 36 points and a peak of 40.

You're Hired has a business setting and stars Dayo Wong (黃子華, pinyin: Huáng Zǐhuá) as an unorthodox entrepreneur who sets himself up as a "business doctor". His path crosses that of the daughter of one of his clients, played by Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼, pinyin: Shé Shīmàn) in possibly her first comedy role. Sheh's character develops an immediate distrust of him but, as is the way of all good romantic comedies, the bickering pair eventually fall in love.

Dayo Wong is best known as a stand-up comic and has been a fixture of the Hong Kong entertainment industry for over two decades. Sometimes very funny, sometimes annoying, the 49 year-old has appeared in dozens of movies, many of them forgettable. His TV career has been more successful, especially the hit series War of Genders (2000) and Men Don't Cry in 2007. The latter series gained him the Best Actor prize at the TVB Anniversary Awards. He also has an on on-again, off-again singing career, and in fact sings You're Hired's theme song.

Charmaine Sheh got her start in showbusiness when she was a Runner Up at the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1997. Over a ten-year acting career she has developed into a respected actress, culminating in a TVB Anniversary Awards Best Actress prize for her performance in Maidens' Vow (2006).

As well as the two leads, You're Hired features Michael Tse who is already enjoying one of his best years in 2009 after his popular performance in E.U, and another former Miss Hong Kong Runner Up, Theresa Lee.

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