Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Chen Lu Yu Too Thin?

TV talk show host Chen Lu Yu (陳鲁豫), known as the "Oriental Oprah", has recently become the subject of speculation over her weight. Her already bird-like frame has seemed even more skeletal in recent public appearances, most noticeably at a promotional launch for a popular toothpaste brand last week. In a culture where a fat build is often associated with good health, and thinness means you're sick or don't eat enough, it's not surprising that people are expressing concern about her weight, with some entertainment websites labelling her figure "scary".

Chen hosts the popular and acclaimed chat show, A Date with Lu Yu on Chinese television's Phoenix network. Her wide appeal lies in her warm, approachable personality and an insightful interviewing style that isn't afraid to tackle difficult issues without being confrontational. The multi award-winning 39 year old has fronted A Date with Lu Yu since 2002. She began her career hosting a travel program before moving to the talk show format. Initially she was best known for her celebrity interviews but, influenced by the Oprah Winfrey Show, began tackling more serious issues on the program

She has also published several books. In one of her books she wrote openly about her weight obsession during her student days at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute.

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