Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jerry Yan at Number 1 Two Weeks in a Row

After a succession of one-week wonders at the top of the G-Music album charts, Jerry Yan (言承旭, pinyin: Yán Chéngxù) is showing more staying power. His new album, Freedom (多出來的自由), held its position at the top for a second consecutive week. Yan, a singer with the hugely popular Taiwanese boy band F4 (or, as we are now meant to call them, JVKV) topped the album sales charts on debut in the week June 12 to 18, then held on to the number one position the next week, while accounting for 31 percent of all album sales in the process.

It's been a five year wait between solo albums for fans of the teen idol. His debut album came out back in 2004, and while some other F4 band members have been more prolific with their solo efforts (Vanness Wu has released four CDs), Yan has been concentrating on his acting. Regular appearances in TV series such as the well-received The Hospital have kept him busy between F4/JVKV gigs.

Released by Sony, the first single from the album is the track, Say I Love. Although we have been warned that Freedom will reveal a more personal side of the F4 singer known as the "broody, serious one" in the group, expect plenty of easy-listening love ballads and bubble-gum pop tunes on the rest of the album.

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