Monday, May 18, 2009

Amber Kuo Knocks Jolin Off Album Perch

Finally, after an amazing six week run at the top of the Taiwan album charts, the reign of Jolin Tsai's Butterfly has come to an end. The new number one for the week May 8 to 14 is Amber Kuo (郭采洁, pinyin Guō Cǎijié) and her album i amber (Chinese title: 愛異想). Released at the beginning of this month, it debuted at number two before reaching the top spot in its second week in the charts. Jolin's album slipped to number 4 after its marathon run at the top.

Amber Kuo is a relative newcomer to the Taiwan pop scene. i amber is only her second album - she released her debut album Invisible Superman eighteen months ago. The first single from the album is titled The Moon, Round Again (又圓了的月亮). The album is released by Warner Music.

The 23 year old has been compared by some to Avril Lavigne because of her more rock-style songs as well as her looks - although the majority of the tracks on i amber are ballads. Like so many other Chinese singers she also has a burgeoning acting career. She has already had a starring role in a Taiwan TV series, Invincible Shan Bao Mei, and will appear in a movie, First Page Taipei this year.

Chart information comes courtesy of Taiwan's G Charts which measure album retail sales in Taiwan.

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